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Don Kenney, Essex, VT, Page Date: 05 December 2007

Created 2015-05-30 Olenellus Fremonti

T0042 Elrathia Kingi Meek 1870

Elrathia Kingi

Elrathia Kingi Meek 1870

3cm specimen of Elrathia kingi? Middle Cambrian Wheeler Shale, Probably Collected in 1980s at Marjum Pass, House Mountains, Millard Cy, UT (label was lost/misplaced during one of numerous moves. Matrix looks more like the Cadiz Formation in Marble Mtns

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The logo image is an Early trilobite around 515,000,000 years old. Olenellus fremonti from the Lower Cambrian Latham Shale, Marble Mountains, NE of Cadiz, San Bernardino County, CA

The images have not been edited at the pixel level. However contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, gamma and/or color balance may have been adjusted to maximize detail and resolution has been tinkered with to minimize storage requirements. I still have a LOT to learn about digital photography and expect to go through several generations of images of these fossils over the next decade or two.