Log Kept on the Target Machine (P266) during testing

060110 Copied basic software to second partition
060110 downloaded
  Off by One
  Ranish Partition Manager
  Firefox 1.5
  Mozilla1.7.12 exe installer
060110 Firefox install
  A required file MSVCRT is missing -- C Run Time Library.  The problem here is that Firefox assumes that the Visual C++ libraries are installed, but they do not come with Windows 95.  There appear to be several (different) binaries of the version that is required 6.00.8337.0.  Since we are trying to identify minimums, I went with a download from  But the full Windows 98 libraries Update linked to from Q197298 might be a better bet.  Note that MSVCRT needs to be installed to WINDOWS\SYSTEM, not to the default PROGRAM FILES\GHOSTS_12...  Once finished. DEPENDS was happy with dependencies
060112 Now Firefox extracts and crashes during verification of files COMCTL32.DLL Page fault 0137.bff17165
060113 Mozilla install
  Uncompressed and started install got error 1157: Could not load C:\temp\ns.temp\xpcom.ns\bin\xpistub.dll
  Error 1157 is normally caused by a missing DLL
060113 Copied Dependency walker from P166 -- seems to run.  Sees no problem with Mozilla.  after unpacking \temp\ns.temp exists, but no xpcom.ns.  Went thru dialog and actually appeared to install.  Mozilla is installed, but now quits with no error message after splash screen.
060113 Located and downloaded 50COMUPD.EXE -- COMCTL32 update for Windows 95 -98.  Now Firefox installs, but when run generates Errors "Link to export OLEAUT32.DLL.411 missing", and "A device attached to the system is not functioning"  Depends agrees -- OLEAUT32 is missing stuff.
060113 Mozilla still quits with no msg after splash screen.
060113 Copied original install to third partition
060114 Copied OLEAUT32.DLL from P166.  Firefox now starts.
060114 Default install includes Exchange and MSnetwork might be interesting to delete and observe affect.

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