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Author's note: This piece was written primarily in response to my then teen age daughter's need for a funny female monolouge suitable for a High School drama audtion. Permission is granted to freely copy and adapt the material herein for non-commercial purposes.

Mrs Noah's Diary

This is not a happy day. Mr Noah has come down with a classic Middle Age crisis. No, he hasn't taken up with a blonde huzzy young enough to be his daughter. Neither has he bought a tiny sporty English racing camel. No, nothing that simple or tolerable. The damn fool is going to build a boat!!! ... In the backyard!!!

What's wrong with that? What's wrong with that is that he and his buddies get to lounge around in the sun guzzling wine and fishing. Who gets to clean the lousy fish, swab out the latrines, haul on the mainjib or whatever it's called? Three guesses. I don't even like fish.

This is not going to happen. Not if I have anything to say about it.

Let's see what my options are: