The following is a summary of file interoperability between various popular PC Operating Systems and file system formats. * indicates that software will/may have to be loaded. 'As FAT16' means without long file name support.

OS/File System FAT12/FAT16 VFAT FAT32 NTFS HPFS EXT2 FAT16 Compressed Joliet CDROM
MSDOS/Windows3 Native As FAT16 No Read Only* Read Only* Read Only* * *
Windows 95/98/Me Native Native Native Win95 OSR2 and later Read Only3* Read Only* Read Only* * *
Win-NT/2000 Native Native Native 3.5/2000 Native Read Only* Read Only* * *
OS/2 Native Native * Read Only* Native     *
Linux * * * Read Only* Native Native * *

*=With Add In

Read* Only3=Read only with Native/free support. Full capability using 3rd party product

VFAT=FAT16 with Long File Name Support

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