iComp: A CPU benchmark devised by Intel. It tests CPU capability only and is reported to be heavily weighted toward Floating Point operations. (By a remarkable coincidence, Intel is noted for its highly optimized integral FPU Units.) The Intel 486SX25 has an iComp of 100. The Wintune Benchmark program reports iComp and appears to be the only generally available tool for measuring iComp values. Intel replaced iComp with iComp2 and later with iComp3. The iComp rating is marked on Intel CPUs. Some published iComp Values are:

CPU Value Type
386SX20 32 [iComp1]
386SX25 39 [iComp1]
386SL25 41 [iComp1]
386DX25 49 [iComp1]
386DX33 68 [iComp1]
486SX20 78 [iComp1]
486SX25 100 [iComp1]
486SL25 122 [iComp1]
486DX25 122 [iComp1]
486SX33 136 [iComp1]
486SL33 186 [iComp1]
486DX33 166 [iComp1]
486DX2-50 249 [iComp1]
486DX50 297 [iComp1]
486DX2-66 567 [iComp1]
P5-60 510 [iComp1]
P5-66 567 [iComp1]
P5-90 735 [iComp1]
P5-100 815 [iComp1]
P5-120 1000 [iComp1]
P5-100 90 [iComp2]
P5-120 100 [iComp2]
P5-133 111 [iComp2]
P5-150 114 [iComp2]
P5-166 127 [iComp2]
P5-200 142 [iComp2]
P5MMX-166 160 [iComp2]
P5MMX-200 182 [iComp2]
P5MMX-233 252 [iComp2]
P5II-233 267 [iComp2]
P5II-266 303 [iComp2]
P5II-300 332 [iComp2]
P5II-350 1000 [iComp3]
p5II-400 1130 [iComp3]
p5II-450 1240 [iComp3]
p5III-450 1450 [iComp3]
p5III-500 1650 [iComp3]
P6-180(256k) 197 [iComp2]
P6-200(512k) 220 [iComp2]

Intel seems to have stopped publishing icomp ratings in 1998 and restarted with an unrelated iComp3 in 1999


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