Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT) is a set of aggressive timing modifications incorporated in Intel's 875 Motherboard Chipset that are said to yield a 2% to 5% performance improvement. The performance improvement apparently depends on both the application and who the number is quoted by. Intel claims that PAT is available only on the 875 ("Canterwood") chipset. ASUS claims to have coaxed PAT performance with the cheaper 865 ("Springdale") chipset by means of BIOS tweaks enabled by a "Memory Acceleration" setting in the ASUS BIOS.

PAT is purportedly applicable to normal 800MHz Front Side Bus CPUs with off the shelf 400 MHz DDR memory. It is said to reduce latency between the CPU and memory by means of shorter data paths and BIOS timing tweaks.

Some analysts claim that the 865 and 875 are the same chipset sorted by speed capability during production. This would imply that the Memory Accelerated 865 is "overclocked" and is perhaps subject to the same objections as an overclocked CPU. Basically, the manufacturer (Intel) has tested the CPU and possibly has found it to be unsuitable for PAT in some respect. But it appears to work in practice.

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