PCBENCH is a suite of benchmark tests created and distributed by PC Magazine. This suite traditionally included specific tests of CPU, Disk, Video and Portable PC Battery. Video and disk performance are measured separately under DOS and Windows. These were the tests used to produce the test results published in PC Magazine and Computer Shopper until late 1995. The last Version was PCBENCH 9.0. PCBENCH was dropped by Ziff-Davis in late 1995 in favor of WinBench. Test scores from PCBENCH tests are not directly comparable to test scores of the same name in WinBench and are not always exactly comparable to those from other versions of PCBENCH. PCBENCH may still be available from Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation, 1001 Aviation Parkway #400, Morrisville NC 27650, ATTN: Distribution Coordinator. Fax number is 919-380-2879. Ziff-Davis quotes 4-6 weeks delivery, but has been known to take longer. The benchmarks are free

The CPU tests in WinBench reflect usage in a fairly large memory set 450KB of addresses and extensive profiling of actual applications instruction mixes. There is an anomaly in the V9.0 16 Bit CPU Test that causes AMD DX4s to produce unrealistically low test scores when used with write-back caching.

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