The Following material was provided by Roy Longbottom

Pentium Performance Registers: Anybody who wants to monitor performance of their Pentium via Windows 95 or 3.1 can obtain software to do it from The software is P5MON.ZIP - I found it by searching for Pentium AND Counters.

The package has a far superior Help file to that provided for the same facility via Windows NT and gives a useful summary of Pentium architecture.

Monitoring is provided via a graphic display with a sampling interval of 50ms to 2 seconds. The current value is also given as a number. Two items can be monitored at the same time from the following list.

Bit(s) Operation
0 Data Reads
1 Data Writes
2 Data TLB Misses
3 Data Read Misses
4 Data Write Misses
5 Write to E or M lines
6 Data Cache lines written back
7 Data Cache Snoops
8 Data Cache Snoop Hits
9 Memory Accesses
A Bank Conflicts
B Misaligned Data Accesses
C Code Reads
D Code TLB Misses
E Code Cache Misses
F Segment Register Loads
12 Branches
13 Branch Target Buffer Hits
14 Taken Branches or BTB Hits
15 Pipeline Flushes
16 Instructions Executed
17 Instructions Executed in v pipe
18 Bus Utilization
19 Pipe Stalls - Write Backups
1A Pipe Stalls - Data Memory Reads
1B Pipe Stalls - E/M Hits
1C Locked Bus Cycles
1D I/O Reads or Writes
1E Noncacheable Memory References
1F Address Generation Interlocks
22 Floating Point Operations
23 Breakpoint 0 matches
24 Breakpoint 1 matches
25 Breakpoint 2 matches
26 Breakpoint 3 matches
27 Hardware Interrupts
28 Data Reads or Writes
29 Data Cache Misses

(but don't ask me what they all mean) - Enjoy, Roy

For the benefit of those with Pentium MMXs, the package works with this but not for additional facilities provided for MMX measurements.

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