Satellite communication: Satellite Internet connection is an available and rapidly developing high speed data connection technology. As of 2000, the most common home arrangement is a 400Kbit/sec (50Kbyte/sec) downlink with a telephone uplink using a common "18 inch" satellite dish with a special receiver and modem.

The principle advantage is the ability to get high speed internet access in places that are too remote for high speed telephone or Cable TV access.

There are disadvantages. Equipment is moderately expensive. A clear view to the satellites located over the equator is required. An additional speed of light delay is introduced in communications. This delay of a tenth of a second or more does not seriously affect some applications such as web surfing, but it can cause trouble with interactive games, and plays havoc with many performance tests. A per megabyte download charge may be tacked on over and above basic monthly connect rates. Basic rates appear to be comparable to, or slightly higher than, cable or DSL. The service is not suited to running a web server as it is asymmetric with the high speed service incoming.

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