Spinrite: Spinrite is a highly regarded commercial product from Gibson Research Corp, Aliso Viejo, CA (714)362-8800 -- BBS (714)362-8848. Spinrite includes extensive disk analysis and benchmarking tools including the capability to recover data from defective sectors. Spinrite is especially effective at refreshing data on older MFM/RLL drives and at determining the original Cylinder/Head/Sector structure used for partitioning/formatting IDE hard drives. Spinrite also can benchmark drives -- both hard and floppy -- measuring random sector access time, sector access velocity, burst and sustained transfer rates as well as system overhead. Older Versions do not handle IDE drives, but in general, Spinrite is notable for detecting and either handling or, at least not mishandling, conditions such as multitasking, data compression, etc that may confuse other programs.

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