TPC: The Transaction Processing Performance Council benchmarks are simple transaction handling benchmarks based on a test originally described in Datamation in 1985. TPC A and B simulate a set of simple updates and insertions to a defined data base. TPC-A does three updates and 1 Insertion using a Remote Terminal Emulator. TPC-B is similar, but bypasses the Terminal Emulator. Both TPC A and B measure Data Base throughput. TPC-A measures network performance as well. TPC-C uses a complete On Line Transaction System to perform a defined sequence of order processing, Payment processing, and Inventory management activities from remote terminals. TPC-C is intended to overcome many of the deficiencies of TPC A and B. TPC-D is a stressful test of complex queries against a large Data Base. Information on TPC is available from a non-profit Transaction Processing Performance Council of 45 companies based in San Jose, California. Setup of the most widely used test -- TPC-C can take as much as 6 man-months. Much of the documentation is attributed to Shanley Public Relations in San Jose.

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