VRML -- Virtual Reality Modeling Language -- A Markup Language directed toward graphical rather than text interfaces. The initial version, VRML 1.0, was directed at specifying 3D graphics on the World Wide Web. Browsers purportedly exist as do VRML plugins for HTML browsers. VRML files conventionally have .wrl extensions.

A informal(?) VRML1.1 added a smorgasbord of new features such as sound. VRML2.0 in 1996 added many interactive capabilities. The VRML 2.0 specification is available in a number of formats. VRML isn't one of them.

VRML3.0 was discussed in the 1997 time frame, but it is not clear that a specification was ever proposed, much less approved. It appears that the current specification might be VRML 2.52

Despite the fact that an Altavista Search on VRML yielded 550,000 hits, there appears to be remarkably little substance to the language. The following Web Site may be a relatively decent source, but my impression is that it devotes most of it's current content to something called Web3D which appears possibly to be a rework of VRML in a XML context.

http://www.vrml.org/A href="http://www.vrml.org">http://www.vrml.org

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