US And Canadian Fossil Sites -- Data for BAHAMAS

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LocationCountyState/ProvinceDirections,NotesAgeFormationFossilsSite IDCommentsReferenceLat-Long|Spare1Spare2Spare3
Great Abaco-BAIn a blue hole called Sawmill Sink-well preserved plantsH(4200-1000BP)plantsBA0003,-77.1515,,AHh44|$*
Great Inagua-BAPleistocene ReefPEinvertebrates-cnidaria-coralsBA0002,-73.3447,,AHh44|$*
Joulters Cays-Bahamas-BAinvertebrates-bryozoa-CelleporariaBA0001This may well be a reference to a species at the unusual modern bryozoan reef at Joulters Cay25.2841,-78.1193,,AKm73|$*
Sawmill Sink-BAIn late quaternary sediments in blue hole on Abaco -- plants and vertebrate bones--probably only accessible by SCUBA divingH(4200-1000BP)plants,vertebrata-aves,reptilia-chelonia(turtles),crocodylia,squamata-(snakes),mammalia-(bats)BA0004,-77.2148,,AKm72|,

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