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LocationCountyState/ProvinceDirections,NotesAgeFormationFossilsSite IDCommentsReferenceLat-Long|Spare1Spare2Spare3
Kohala Volcano(Wside)(?)HIOn West side at base of slopeHinvertebrates-cnidaria-corals;mollusksHI001820.0837,-155.8589,,AJm74|$*
Black Point (E of Kahala)HonoluluHIIn a 13m high Limestone cliff at Kupikikio(?) CraterH??HI0001Probably at/near Kupikikikio Point between Kahala and Diamond Head21.2585,-157.7923,,AKm73?|$*
Diamond HeadHonoluluHIIn sand on brownish tuff a meter or two above sea level at Diamond HeadH??HI000321.2595,-157.8167,,AKm73?|$*HI0002
Diamond Head(KapahuluRd)HonoluluHIAt the base of Kaimuki slope along the Kapahulu Road,Diamond Head in LimestoneH??HI000221.2595,-157.8167,,AKm73?|*$HI0003
Honolulu PlainHonoluluHIunder the city of Honolulu where fossiliferous Limestone underlies a thin layer of volcanic ashH??HI000721.3038,-157.8557,,AKm73|*$HI0004,HI0005
Honolulu(King+YoungSt)HonoluluHIBetween King and Young Streets opposite the Stadium,in fossil coral reefH??HI000521.2946,-157.8256,,ALn72?|*$HI0004,HI0007
Honolulu(LucoralMuseum)HonoluluHILucoral Museum,gemstones,minerals,corals,fossils. Free admission. (808) 922-1999. Address 2414 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815HI0022lucoralmuseum.com21.2771,-157.8237,,AKm71|,
Honolulu(MoiliiliSandQry)HonoluluHIAt the Moiliili sand quarry .25 N of the Girl's Industrial SchoolH??HI000421.2944,-157.8300,,AKm73?|*$HI0005,HI0007
Honolulu(Wailupe)HonoluluHINear the Wailupe radio station in fossil coral reefs a few meters above sea levelH??HI000621.2743,-157.7567,,ALn73?|$*HI0014
Kaena Point(2E-RR)HonoluluHIin RR cuts 1.6km E of Kaena PointH??HI0008A misspelling? Kaena Point is the Westernmost point of Oahu. It is quite remote and it unclear that any railroad ever extended into the region.21.5568,-158.2481,,AKm73?|$*
Kaneoe Bay(MCB-Ki'iPt)HonoluluHIWell preserved Pleistocene bird bones from a number of species originating in lakebed sediments have been found eroding from seacliffs at Ki'i Point. Active US Marine Corps Training Facility. Permission requiredPEvertebrates-avesHI0023,-157.7261,,AKm72|,
Maili Pt(Wainanae)HonoluluHInearby, near WainanaeH??HI0012lat Long used is half way between Maili and Wainanae21.4334,-158.1839,,AKm72|$*HI0020
Makapuu PeninsulaHonoluluHIOn the Makapuu Peninsula N of Nuupia fishpondH??HI000921.3153,-157.6645,,AKm73|$*HI0010
Makapuu lighthouse(W1)HonoluluHIQuarry 1.2km W of Makapuu lighthouseH??HI001021.3097,-157.6595,,AKm73|$*HI0009
Moanalua ValleyHonoluluHIalong both sides of the Moanalua Valley,up to 7m above modern sea levelH??HI001121.3709,-157.8749,,AKm73|$*
Nanakuli Sea Cliffs(Nanakuli-2E)HonoluluHI1.6km E of Nanakuli RR Station in LimestoneH??HI001921.3882,-158.1444,,AKm73|$*
Puuloa RR Station(N1)HonoluluHI1 km N of Puuloa RR Station in RR cutH??HI0013Apparently Puuloa Station was somewhere between the Halawa and Moanalua areas about 2km NE of Hickam Field21.3709,-157.9154,,AKm73?|$*
Waianae RR Station(E6)HonoluluHI5-6.4km E of Waianae RR station and 0.8km inland in a Limestone quarry about 20 meters above sea levelH??HI002021.4480,-158.1576,,AKm73|*$HI0012
Wailupe PointHonoluluHIbetween the Niu and Wailupe valleys in a Limestone outcrop 3 meters above Sea LevelH??HI001421.2807,-157.7445,,AKm73|$*HI0006
Waipio Station(E1)HonoluluHIin a RR cut 0.8km E of Waipio StationH??HI0015Original database entry said Waipo. Assume a typo.21.4153,-157.9912,,AKm73|$*
Makauwahi CaveKauaiHIIn 10 meter exposure of peat at bottom of sinkhole in limestone. Open to public at times. No CollectingHvertebrates-aves(birds)(45 taxa)HI0021101 American Fossil Sites-Dickas21.8883,-159.4189,,AKm72|,
Kalamaula StreamMauiHIIn a number of marine exposures in the bed of Kalamaula Stream and its tributaries,from near the mouth of the stream to 33m above Sea Level,4km East of the MouthH??HI001621.0948,-157.0207,,AKm73?|$*
Olowalu(TargetRangeGulch)MauiHIAt Target Range Gulch,Olowalu,9.6km SE of Lahaini,in exposures in the stream bed as high as 60m and 74m above Sea LevelH??HI001720.8217,-156.6126,,AKm73?|$*

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