Photos of Fossils in Lakeshore Ledges at DAR State Park, Addison County, VT

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DAR State Park

The fossils at DAR state park are exposed in about 10 meters of dirty gray limestone exposed as a series of shelves about 20cm high with thin shale interbeds. The rocks are Middle Ordovician -- probably Trenton age rocks of the Glens Falls formation. Collecting is surely forbidden there. The ledges are best explored in the Autumn when the lake level is 160cm (5ft) below its Spring peak.

A bryozoan - Prasopora sp

Two cephalons of the Trilobite Cryptolithus

Two specimens of the ubiquitous brachiopod Doleroides sp

LEFT: brachiopods Doleroides sp RIGHT: Various fossils

Cephalons of the Trilobites Cryptolithus(left and right(?)) and Flexicalymene(center right) as well as a trilobite pygidium -- probably Flexicalymene

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