The "Burst Rate" is the rate marketing quotes. "Practical Rate" reflects Overhead in "normal usage" -- stop bits, packet headers, etc. It represents the highest rate likely to be seen in practice.

Ratings are in BYTES per second.

Port/Device/TechnologyBurst ratePractical rateTypical Rate
9600 Baud Modem1.2 KB/S1 KB/S1 KB/S
Keyboard Port1.2 KB/S1.2 KB/S.03 KB/S
V.90 Modem ("56K")7.2 KB/S6.8 KB/S
360K floppy11.5 KB/S5.75 KB/S
1.44MB floppy23 KB/S11.5 KB/S
PC Serial ("115K")14.4 KB/S12.1 KB/S
V.90/V.42bis Modem(comp) 20 KB/S16 KB/S8 KB/S
V.92/V.44 Modem (comp)42 KB/S33 KB/S17 KB/S
Satellite Internet down50 KB/SUnknown
Cable ModemUnknown88 KB/S?
Standard Parallel Port125.5 KB/S125.5 KB/S
CDROM (X1)150 KB/SUnknown
ADSL (down-1.5Mbps)187.5 KB/S162 KB/S120 KB/S
T1(1.5Mbps)187.5 KB/S162 KB/S120 KB/S
ADSL (8Mbps)1000 KB/SUnknown
Original PC Bus 4.77Clk1192 KB/S1130 KB/S
Ethernet(10Mbps)1250 KB/S750 KB/S
ZIP Drive1400 KB/S500 KB/S
USB1500 KB/S750 KB/S
Disk DMA Mode 0 (SW)1040 KB/S520 KB/S
Disk PIO Mode 01670 KB/S835 KB/S
SCSI-15000 KB/SUnknown
CDROM (X50)7500 KB/SUnknown
PCMCIA (I/O)7840 KB/SUnknown
ISA Bus8000 KB/S4000 KB/S
SCSI-210000 KB/SUnknown
Firewire (12.5M)12500 KB/SUnknown
Ethernet(100Mbps)12500 KB/S7500 KB/S
Disk DMA Mode 5 (MW)16700 KB/S8350 KB/S
wide SCSI-220000 KB/SUnknown
PCMCIA (memory 16)20000 KB/SUnknown
Disk PIO Mode 522000 KB/S11000 KB/S
wide Ultra SCSI40000 KB/SUnknown
Firewire (60M)60000 KB/SUnknown
USB2.0 (proposed)60000 KB/S30000 KB/S
VLB Bus132000 KB/S64000 KB/S
PCI Bus (32 bit)132000 KB/S64000 KB/S
Ultra2SCSI80000 KB/SUnknown
PCMCIA (Memory 32)132000 KB/SUnknown
Memory (60ns/33MHz)256000 KB/S44000 KB/S
Memory (CAS2/66MHz)256000 KB/S44000 KB/S
Memory (CAS3/100MHz)256000 KB/S44000 KB/S
Memory (CAS2/100MHz)384000 KB/S66666 KB/S
AGP Bus (66MHz)532000 KB/S300000 KB/S

Tape data rates were not included

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