Dhrystone: An small integer programming benchmark based on statistical analysis of frequency of programming features. It contains about 100 High Level Language statements -- 1-1.5 Kb of code and thus is primarily an instruction set/Level 1 cache test. Originally programmed in Ada, it has been ported to C. Output is in MIPS. The initial Version 1.0 described in CACM 27,10 (Oct 84) has been upgraded to eliminate opportunities for excessive compiler optimization. Version 2 is defined in SIGPLAN Notices 23,8 (Aug 1988) 49-62. Dhrystone is frequently found as a component in benchmarking suites. Values from Version 2.0 are not compatible with Version 1.0.

Dhrystone MIPS measurements for many machines are available at:

See href="http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~thomas/comp.benchmarks.FAQ.html">http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~thomas/comp.benchmarks.FAQ.html

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