Donald Kenney (donaldkenney@gmail.com)
Last Update: Tue Jul 28 08:48:35 2020

The primary copy of my site was hosted at http://110mb.com. Because the availability of the 110mb site has been dubious since some time in early 2012, I have brought up a second copy at http://donaldkenney.x10.mx/. There used to be yet another copy at http://www.freewebsitehosting.com/ But it had many problems including annoying pop-up ads and a strictly enforced maximum file size limit. My ability to update it went away in 2010, and the site itself seemed to vanish in 2011 or early 2012. I would not be especially surprised if it came back. If it does, I'll try to bring it up to date.

Prior to 2012 I was very happy with 110mb.com as a host. If and when they resolve the reliability issues, I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a free/low cost home for a website. At the moment, I'd have to suggest https://www.x10hosting.com or https://www.000webhost.com/ as better alternatives.