Photos of Fossils from Summit, Schoharie County, NY

Donald Kenney (
Last Update: Sun Feb 12 20:12:46 2017

This is a panel of fossil images from rocks found in a roadside barrow pit on the West side of NY10 at Latitude 42.6022, Longitude -74.5690 at the top of a thousand foot climb from Interstate 88. They are at the North End of the town of Summit, Schoharie County, NY. The rocks exposed here are indurated, fine grained, dark red sandstones -- probably from the late Middle Devonian Moscow Formation. There are exposures on both sides of the road with safe parking off the pavement. The Eastern exposure is a road cut about 3-4 meters high. The Western exposure where the rocks were collected is at least twice as thick, and has a considerable talus bed at its foot. The specimens were found as float in the talus bed. Plant fragments are very common in these rocks.

Images were made with an Epson V300 flatbed scanner. All except the brachiopod mold in the center top have a considerable color shift.