A/V Tuning: A technique that optimizes a hard drive for high speed Audio/Video data transfer. A/V tuning is done on certain premium drives by specialty vendors, and can result in enhanced sustained data transfer rates. A commercial program called DR.SCSI from Peripheral Test Instruments in Longmont, CO [http://www.stbsuite.com/] is claimed to be capable of tuning a drive for A/V without the need to buy an A/V optimized drive. (Note: the original link was to scsitools.com)

A/V tuned drive apparently do not do retries for single bit errors. Occasional bad bits may be less important than consistent high data rates for Audio and Video applications. However, for digital data applications, ignoring single bit errors may not (to put it mildly) be desirable.

A/V Tuning is appropriate for applications requiring high data rates to/from storage and not requiring absolute data integrity.

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