Compuserve Benchmark Forum Glossary

This is a series of articles on computer related topics that were originally written for the Compuserve Benchmark And Standards Forum -- Now the Benchmark and Standards Section of the PC Hardware Forum. For the most part, a new article was posted there every Saturday.

If you are a Compuserve member and are familiar with the forums the Go word for PC Hardware is GO PCHW

Internet users can access the forum directly without a password via"> The link seems to have died sometime in 2011

The closest I can come to a current (Feb 2012) address is I'm not sure how far one can get without an AOL logon ID. I either don't have one or can not remember what it is.

The Compuserve PC Hardware Forum is Operated by WUGNET. It is a message board where problems can be presented to a group of volunteers with broad experience in dealing with PC Hardware problems. Perfect English is not expected, especially from those who obviously are not. native speakers.

I stopped posting articles in April 2005 for several reasons -- the most important being that the Wikipedia has largely replaced any real purpose that they may have served.

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