Pentium II - An advanced Pentium processor (codename "DeSchutes") introduced in May of 1997 as a 233, 266, and 300 MHz part with 333, 350 and 400 MHz parts released later. The speeds thru 333MHz are specified for a 66MHz System Bus. The 350 and 400MHz parts are specified for 100MHz. All Pentium IIs have a "internal" L2 cache operating at half the CPU speed mounted on the same card as the CPU. All Pentium IIs except 233/266MHz mobile versions are packaged in a 242 pin single edge Contact Package (Slot 1). The Mobile versions are packaged in a 240 pin mini-cartridge.

The original versions -- 233/266/300 MHz are fabricated using a .35 micron process. The slower CPUs dissipate 34.8 watts at 233 MHz. The mobile and 333/350/400 MHz parts use a .25 micron process. The later CPUs dissipate 25.3 watts at 450 MHz. All Pentium IIs have 64 bit interfaces, 64GB address range (external) and 64TB internal address range.

Although similar in specification to the Pentium-Pro, the Pentium II includes the MMX instructions and also includes more advanced look ahead/parallel processing. The Pentium II appears to execute about 1.8 instructions per clock cycle with the 333MHz version coming in around 600MIPS. (Note that MIPS as a published benchmark has virtually disappeared in the past couple of years and that I am extrapolating it from early Pentiums based on increasingly shaky assumptions)

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