FCC ID Number. The FCC ID number is an identification number that is required to be present on all computers and components sold in the United States. The Federal Communications Commission ID is issued when the part completes Electromagnetic Radiation Testing. There are two levels of testing -- a less stringent A level for equipment to be used in industrial environments, and a more stringent B level for domestic equipment. The FCC ID number may be useful in identifying a printed circuit board or other subsystem that does not have a manufacturer's name.

The FCC number may not be present on parts that originate in Canada or other countries and are imported by private individuals as parts of systems. It is alleged that some low cost foreign suppliers skip FCC testing and simply fake the FCC ID number.

At one time FCC ID numbers could be checked at an Electronic Bulletin Board at (301) 725-1072. This may have been replaced with a World Wide Web site www.sbsdirect.com/fccenter.html. Try also https://www.fcc.gov/redirect-transition/bureaus/oet/fccid/

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