PNA: (Home) Phoneline Networking Alliance. A consortium of 100 companies proposing to transmit 10Mbps network data over ordinary household phone wiring without affecting normal telephone functions. Networking requires PNA Network Interface Cards

PNA NICs appear to be available in either 1Mbps or 10Mbps configurations and appear to support either USB or PCI connections to a PC. PNA to Ethernet bridges are also available allowing an Ethernet network to be tied in with a PNA network. PNA has a standard. There are similar proprietary devices. There is at least a chance of interoperability between PNA devices.

PNA a.k.a. HomePNA is not the same thing as HomeRF -- a proposed wireless connection scheme.

There are a number of proposed similar schemes for home networking over existing phone wiring including schemes being pursued by Tut, Epigram, ActionTee, and Avion

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