Static Column DRAM: Static Column DRAM is a technology devised in the late 1980s that latched a row address into DRAM and varied only the Column address so long as the row address need not be changed. This allowed consecutive address accesses and refresh operations to proceed without transmitting a row address to the DRAM. Omitting Row addressing allows the DRAM to be accessed more quickly. Normal DRAM will not work properly in a motherboard designed -- as some were -- for static column DRAM. Static Column DRAM may operate in a normal motherboard, but it will not only fail when accessed too quickly, it will fail when accessed too slowly. Static Column DRAM packaging looks just like normal DRAM Packaging. Problems using "Known Good" DRAM from an older motherboard (or from a memory recycler) in a different motherboard may be due to use of static column DRAM.

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