PortInfo: A $20 shareware program written by John Jerrim of Computer Telecommunication Systems, Inc, 3847, Suite 100, Duluth, GA, 30136-6100. 1-800-380-2666(Orders), 1-404-263-8623(Tech Support) 1-4-4-263-0124(FAX), CIS 76662,2315, 76662.2315@compuserve.com. A copy is available in the Benchmark Forum Library on CIS in file CTSSPU.ZIP in Section 8.

PortInfo is part of a suite of highly regarded diagnostic programs that are extremely useful in identifying where Serial Ports are, what is attached to them and what IRQ they use. In addition. IRQInfo detects what type of device is attached to each IRQ. Many users report that IRQinfo does the best job of any available program in detecting the usage of IRQs and correctly reporting what type of device is assigned to the IRQ. In one test of a number of shareware and commercial products, only IRQInfo properly identified all IRQs in a moderately complex configuration.

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