Expresscard is a non-plug-compatible replacement for PCMCIA. It is intended that it will eventually replace the venerable PCMCIA/Cardbus standard for pluggable PC cards used primarily in portable equipment including notebook/laptop PCs. Expresscard (formerly Newcard) will replace the current parallel bus with a high speed serial bus. Cards will come in two form factors. 54mm wide cards with the same form factor as PCMCIA will be used in applications where heat dissipation is a factor or where there are large components such as 1.8 inch disk drives. For many applications, a smaller, 34mm wide card will be used. Both the 34 and 54mm cards will be 70mm long and 5mm thick. A 26pin connector -- obviously not the same as the 58 pin PCMCIA/Cardbus connector will be used. Expresscard cards will be hot swappable. Power dissipation will be 1.3 watts or less per card. The design of the cards is intended to allow PCI Express and USB2.0 interfaces already in the chipset to be used to access the Expresscards.

An Expresscard 1.0 Specification was published in February 2004. Shipment of products could occur in late 2004.

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