Infiniband Architecture: A consortium of seven leading computer suppliers and makers to define an I/O architecture to support future PC bandwidth requirements. The consortium includes Intel, Microsoft, Sun and IBM as well as Compaq, Dell, and HP.

Infiniband is to be channel based and is intended to deliver higher IO bandwidths relative to the CPU and memory than are currently available.

Initial speeds will be .5GByte/sec, 2 GByte/Sec and 6GByte/Sec. Control signaling is separate from data and runs at 2.5 GBit/Sec. Infiniband is intended to work on both optical and copper links. It is anticipated that all Infiniband devices will interoperate. Deployment is anticipated in (late) 2001. (The 'FAQ' at this address is so awful that it is worth reading for entertainment.)

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