Extended AGP: Extended AGP is also known as AGP-Pro. It is an extended physical connector for standard Advanced Graphics Processing cards that is used to provide additional 12 and 3.3 volt power to video cards over and above the power provided by the standard AGP connector. AGP Pro cards may require up to 110 watts total power. The maximum power dissipation of normal AGP cards is 25 watts. AGP Pro cards may include a shield or bracket on the component side that deliberately blocks two PCI slots to the left of the card. The blocking of the PCI slots is to ensure adequate airflow around the AGP-Pro card to remove the heat dissipated on the card.

Conventional AGP cards will operate in an AGP Pro slot. AGP-Pro cards have a modified registration key (slot) that prevents them from being inserted into a conventional AGP slot. They surely wouldn't work if they did fit. The extended connections are power, ground, and device ID pins. The device ID pins indicate presence of the extended card and roughly how much power it needs. There are extension pins both in front of and in back of the normal AGP connector.

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