3.2GB Disk Size limit. This occurs in some PCs with Phoenix BIOSes versions ID 4.03 or 4.04. There is an error in those BIOSes that will cause the BIOSes to lock up in CMOS SETUP during during Autotyping or Manual Configuration of drives with/specified as having 16 heads and more than 6349 and less than 8322 Cylinders. In some cases, the BIOS may unlock after a minute or so. In others, it will not. Drives with more than 8323 Cylinders will not lock up the BIOS, but will show a size in the BIOS that is 4295 MB too small. In general, this should not prevent use of the full drive by Operating Systems that can handle drives larger than 3.2GB. The workaround if it is not possible to upgrade the BIOS, is to use Manual Configuration and specify 15 or fewer heads with cylinders adjusted to compensate. This will probably cause the loss of some disk capacity (no more than 6.25%) and will show an incorrect size in the BIOS for drives specified to have more than 8322 cylinders

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