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This is a list of somewhere around 15000 fossil localities in the United States and Canada. The list has been built up from a variety of sources over about 35 years. A few general comments:

Most users would probably prefer to access the relatively short state listings.

For other options, additional information, etc, see the Fossil Site Info Page --

You can download my formation database in csv format from FORMS.CSV, but I honestly can not imagine why anyone would want to.

Anyway if your GPS takes you to a location and there are no fossils there. Read the site description for clues. Then look around. The fossils (if any) may be a ten or twenty minute walk from the latitude-longitude. There is more information on locations here.

Other Paleo Related Stuff


A catalog of pictures of part of my small and quite undistinguished fossil collection. If nothing else, it may provide someone with images of some fossils that they can freely reuse without worrying about Copyright and permissions. I plan to add to the catalog over time, and probably to reimage some of the lousier pictures. As of October 2008, there should be a copy of the CATALOG on the website. Their previous repository at is still there, but it may be converted to a real blog someday.

Ordovician fossils at DAR State Park, Addison County, VT

A few photos of fossils exposed in Middle Ordovician, Glens Falls(?) Limestone at DAR State Park, Addison County, VT

Devonian fossils at Summit, Schoharie County, NY

A panel showing a few Middle Devonian marine and plant fossils from a road cut on NY10 in Summit, Schoharie County, NY.


The Sepkoski Database or compressed A database of about 30000 fossil taxa and their time of first appearance and of disappearance. Download in csv format or compressed.


The intent is to describe the general geologic and paleontologic setting of regions where similar fossils are found. Roughly, these correspond vaguely to the modern concept of Terranes -- collections of rock sequences that resemble each other closely and do not resemble those of other terranes. The vast interior of North America that stretches from the Hudson River to the Sierra Nevada is basically a single terrane. There, I intend to use the Geolex Areas (e.g. "The Appalachian Basin") and their Canadian analogs instead of terranes. For starters, we have seven region descriptions:


These are intended to be fairly in depth descriptions of interesting/well known fossil sites. I'm still learning how to do these. For example only one or two have links to Google Maps. I'll eventually settle on a format and start doing these in greater numbers. But don't expect a lot of them any time soon. Producing them is quite time consuming.

Anyway, I've taken a shot at about a dozen so far, and they are available here.


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